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 Y3/4 Spelling System

Tuesday  Your child will be tested on the previous week’s spellings on this day. They will also be given new spellings. These spellings will be recorded in their spelling books. Ideally, your child should spend 5-10 minutes learning their spellings every day and ideally should complete their homework a few days before it’s due.

Wednesday  Your child will be taught about the spelling rule. They will play spelling games and practice writing their words on whiteboards.

Thursday Your child will write their 5 perfect sentences. These sentences will include at least 1 of their spellings. They will be written completely independently and there will be an emphasis on writing in a neat cursive style and accurate basic punctuation.


Your child will be expected to complete homework every week. Your child is responsible for transporting this book to and from school. If your child fails to complete their spelling homework; they will need to complete it in Mrs Calvert’s homework club at Tuesday lunchtime.


We expect homework to completed to a high standard. To explain this to the children, we will say that their homework should be completed to the same standards as found in their English books at school.

  • Homework should be completed in pencil. Felt tips, crayons etc. will not be accepted.
  • All words should be spelt accurately, especially the actual spelling words.
  • Sentences should be accurately punctuated with capital letters and full stops. Majority of children will also be able to use other punctuation types accurately and should be encouraged to do so.


To encourage all children to complete their homework and reward those who always put 100% effort into it, children will be rewarded with House Points which can be saved and then spent in our School Shop.


Your child will have a choice about the homework they undertake. They will be rewarded according to the quality of the work produced. Staff will feedback to the children every week and you will be able to see this feedback in their spelling books. There is also a parent feedback box- please feel free to praise your child’s learning at home or use it to write down any queries you have etc. Details of the homework success criteria is stated below.


For more information on spelling click on the following link to view word lists for Years 3 and 4.