Welcome to Year 5 - Mrs Verdicchio & Mr Lynch's class

Learning Challenge - Spring 2

Why is chocolate so moreish?

Mrs Verdicchio and Mr Lynch’s Y5 Class

Mrs Verdicchio is with the class on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr Lynch is with the class on Thursday and Friday. Mr Drake also teaches the class RE and Computing lessons. Mrs del Solar teaches Spanish and assists the class as well. 

Family Learning Project - Spring 2

This term’s topic is all about the Ancient Mayans. We would like you to make a box of chocolates. The project is due in on: Monday 16th December 2019.

Children can receive up 100 house points for good quality projects which they can cash in for prizes at our school shop.

We encourage children to work on the project weekly as opposed to letting it build up and rushing it days before the hand in date. We encourage parental involvement; any support you give your child is really invaluable. 

Reading books and planners

Please can your child have their reading book and planner in school every day. Feel free to use it as a means of talking to me or asking any questions. You can also call in to school to see me at any time, I am around everyday after school.


PE kits

Please can all P.E. kits be brought in for the week. PE is a compulsory part of the curriculum.

While we are timetabled to have P.E. on Thursday and Friday, we also have one off events so kits need to be in school at all times.

For P.E., please can you ensure that long hair is tied back, and earrings have been taken out.



We expect your child to read each evening. Their progress can be recorded in their reading record and if they read three times a week they will earn ten house points. The children can access Bug Club for their reading as well and they will receive points for this. 
Children will be given 10 spellings to learn each week and they will be tested on a Monday. Homework is given out on a Friday and due in on the following Friday.
Please learn the multiplication tables. Children will be given a different multiplication table to focus on each week. They will be tested on these everyday.
Children can also access Doodle Maths and Timestables Rockstars from home as part of their homework.

Our wider curriculum is taught as part of our topic. History, Geography, Science, Art, DT and PSHE will follow this topic for the term  

This term’s topic- How can we get to Hollywood?

If you need any resources then please let your class teacher know so we can get them for you.

The home learning project is due in on:- Monday 16th December 2019

Children can receive up to 100 house points for good quality projects which they can then cash in for prizes at our school shop.

If you have any questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask your teacher.

We are not afraid to dream too big. Nothing is impossible. When you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.