Doodle Championships


Each year group is split into two house teams.

Every child in that team contributes to their team's weekly score.

Lexie-Jayne Devine blue city 14  
Harry Dawson blue city 0  
Millie Allen blue city 3  
Ashton Brocklehurst blue city 0  
Brooke Cooper blue city 81  
Makaila Murphy blue city 0 98
Hayden Hill blue Wednesday 0  
Evan Millward blue Wednesday 0  
Willow Young blue Wednesday 30  
Esme Wragsdale blue Wednesday 12  
Callum Orwin blue Wednesday 12  
Jamie McDowall blue Wednesday 1 55
Ethan Clay-Hadden red rovers 6  
Oliver Payne red rovers 0  
Alfie Hadfield red rovers 204  
Mackenzie Pledger red rovers 0  
Daniel Pegg red rovers 6  
Danielius Kniaziuk red rovers 468 684
Lilly-May Allen red united 11  
Tia-Mai Durack red united 1  
Theo Cox red united 0  
Jake Bates red united 0  
Emily Lowe red united 18  
Alex Atkinson red united 0 30
Harrison Ward yellow athletic 0  
Alfie Boler yellow athletic 0  
Danielle Rowland yellow athletic 15  
Cameron Shirley yellow athletic 752  
Kiya Wilkinson yellow athletic 25  
Brooke Owen yellow athletic 0 792
Keegan Marchetta yellow town 88  
Connor Jenner yellow town 50  
Ellissa Croft yellow town 16  
Maya Bond yellow town 12  
Malachi Baker-Hunt yellow town 8  
Hayden Atkinson yellow town 4  
Shane Ellis yellow town 59 237

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