To help the children with their daily timetable of remote learning, we will only be putting up each day’s work for that day. It will be removed the following day.

So Monday’s work will be available in HOMEWORK on Monday, but not on Tuesday. This should help the children to focus.


There is an expectation that children will complete all work set for remote learning, but we understand that sometimes children will need help. If you are not available to help your child at home there will always be a member of staff online, on the J2Message Board, to provide some help.


If you are having any technical issues, please don’t hesitate to email me ( or phone school, and we’ll do our best to solve problems.


Passwords can be found in shared files on J2e – Make sure, when entering passwords, to not use spaces.


Mr Drake



Good evening, 

Following the Prime Minister’s address tonight, school will be closed to most pupils tomorrow onwards. However, we will be open to vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. 

This includes: 

  • Anyone entitled to Free School Meals 
  • Anyone whose child has an EHCP 
  • Children in care 

** If your child has a social worker or you receive support from Early Help, your child must come to school**. 

Critcial workers includes (but is not limited to) doctors, nurses, care workers, school staff (both teaching and non-teaching), the production, distibution and sale of food and other essential items, police officers, etc. 

If you think that your child is eligible, please send them tomorrow. You do not need to book a place, just have them come as normal. 

Breakfast Club will run for the time being, but please only have them attend if absolutely necessary. 


For those children not attending, work will be set online. Please call up to school tomorrow to collect your child’s iPad if need be. 


If you have any questions, please e-mail


Thank you.


For our latest information about Covid-19 click here.




We are back at school on Monday 4th January.

Y3/4 - 8.30
Y4 - 8.40
Y5/6 - 8.50


We will be continuing as before Christmas with 4 bubbles in school, staggered start and finish times, social distancing and hand-washing.


Click on the link below to see information about how we will be delivering remote learning to children in the event of children having to learn from home.

Download Information for Parents on Remote Learning


You are welcome to attend our virtual Christingle by clicking on the picture below.





School Nativity 2020


This is our pre-record from Friday 11th December.




Click here

Please click the picture to view the Chesterfield Community Update.

Remembrance Day 2020

Information on the School Day


Start Lunch End Pick Up
Mrs Burgess 8.30 11.40 - 12.40 3.00 Main Entrance
Mr Lynch 8.30 11.40 - 12.40 3.00 Main Entrance
Miss Jarvis 8.40 11.40 - 12.40 3.10 Top Entrance
Miss Wood 8:50 12.10 - 1.10 3.20 Top Entrance
Miss Turner 8:50 12.10 - 1.10 3.20 Top Entrance
Mrs McKay 8:50 12.10 - 1.10 3.20 Main Entrance
Mrs Dennis  8:50 12.10 - 1.10 3.20 Main Entrance


Where children need to go

Mrs Burgess’ class meet Mrs Burgess by the kitchens near the green gate.

Mr Lynch’s class meet Mr Lynch in front of the main entrance.

Miss Jarvis’ class meet Miss Jarvis at the top gate.

Y5 come through the top entrance and enter school through Miss Wood’s door (Bondi Beach).

Y6 come from the main entrance up to Mrs McKay’s door in London.

Covid 19

We have developed a plan for dealing with any positive cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19). We are constantly reviewing the situation and will change our plans as necessary.

Please read the school's risk assessment here: Full opening risk assessment


What we are doing to keep your child safe

We will be using protective bubbles to help manage risk. A bubble is a group of pupils who spend their day together often with the same small group of staff. Children in the bubble will spend time together having the same break and lunchtimes.

They will also use the measures that we have become familiar with:

  • * children will wash their hands regularly
  • * social distancing will be in place where it can be
  • staggered start and finish times will help with the flow of pupils
  • cleaning within classrooms and areas within the school will be done more often
  • we will use contact tracing when there are positive cases

What happens if children or staff show symptoms at school

If anyone gets symptoms in school:

  • * they will be isolated immediately
  • * once isolated they will be looked after by a member of staff wearing PPE 
  • * they will be sent home as soon as possible


Click on this link for advice of home schooling.


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Headteacher: Mrs Sarah Wigfield

Welcome to Staveley Junior School. Our school is situated in beautiful grounds with a playground and two large fields for play and sports.

We are all very proud of our school, and the children here have a moto of Dream, Believe, Achieve.

'We are not afraid to dream too big. Nothing is impossible. When you believe in yourself, you can achieve it!'

We have high expectations of all our staff and pupils here at Staveley Junior School and we try hard to challenge and nurture everyone involved in our school community.  Here you will find a unique ethos built on mutual respect where learning is at the heart of everything we do.

I  hope you enjoying visiting our website. I hope, also that you will be able to come and visit us, to see for yourself. I look forward to meeting you!



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Lower School

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We are not afraid to dream too big. Nothing is impossible. When you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.