School Policies

This is a list of policies for you to download.


 Accessibility Plan reviewed 03.17

Admissions policy 2020

Administration of medicines 09.20

Anti-bullying policy updated 2020

Child Friendly Anti-bullying policy reviewed 07. 17

Child Friendly behaviour policy 12.19

Assessment Policy reviewed 01.19

Approach to Assessment and Progress Tracking

Attendance Policy reviewed 11.19


Before and After School 10.17

Behaviour Policy reviewed 10.17

Child-friendly-behaviour-policy-Dec 2019

Behaviour Appendix 2020

Behaviour Principles 12.18

BYOD Policy reviewed 10.16


Charging Policy reviewed 03.18

Child Protection Policy 2020

Annex A child protection policy 2020 

Addendum Child Protection Policy template 2020

Complaints Procedure - May 2020

Confidential Reporting Code (Whistleblowing Policy) Jan 2020

Curriculum Aims reviewed 10.16


Data Protection Policy reviewed 07.19


Employee Code of Conduct reviewed 03.18

Extremism and Radicalisation Policy reviewed 06.19

Equality_Information and Objectives Policy  Jan 2020


 Fire Safety Management reviewed 09.20

Fire Safety Management and Fire

Freedom of Information Act reviewed 01.18



Health and Safety reviewed 09.20

Homework Policy reviewed 10.17


 Lettings Policy reviewed 03.18


Marking Policy reviewed 10.17

Managing Allegations reviewed 03.18



Offsite Visits Policy Sept 19

Online Safety Policy reviewed 10.19

Oracy Policy reviewed 10.17


Parental Guidance - Social Media

PSHE Policy Jan 2020 

Private Fostering Policy reviewed 07.19

Pupils_with Additional Health Needs  Attendance Policy Jan 2020 


Safeguarding Guidance

School-data-breach-procedure Nov 2019

Special Needs Policy Feb 2020

Sex and Relationship Policy reviewed 03.18

Social Media Guidance


Uncollected Child Policy reviewed 10.17

Uniform Policy reviewed 10.17


Values and Ethos reviewed 10.16

Visitors Policy reviewed 07.19




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