Our Learning Challenge Curriculum

 Curriculum overview 2018/2019

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Summer 2 TOPICS

Lower School The Mediterranean
Year 5 Can I be the next Staveley CSI?
Year 6 Light and Sight?



 Autumn 1

Lower School How does Usain Bolt move so quickly?
Year 5 Is There Anyone Out There?
Year 6 Why do we need a heart?


Autumn 2

Lower School What makes the Earth angry?
Year 5 How can I get to Hollywood?
Year 6 Does the punishment fit the crime?


Spring 1

Lower School
How did coal mining help shape the Staveley we know today?
Year 5 Why is the rainforest so important?
Year 6 Could spiders and flies be long lost cousins?


Spring 2

Lower School
How far can you throw your shadow?
Year 5 Why is chocolate so moreish?
Year 6 Who were the Ancient Greeks?


Summer 1

Lower School
Who were the first people to live in Britain?
Year 5 Are you a Viking or a Saxon?
Year 6


Summer 2

Lower School
The Mediterranean
Year 5 Can I be the next CSI Staveley?
Year 6 Light and Sight



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