School Parliament

We have just had the excitement of electing our new school parliament members.

These children had to persuade the rest of their class that they would do a good job for them in putting their views forward and keeping them informed about what we talk about.

We have met for the first time and they were all extremely enthusiastic. We decided that we will meet every two weeks and we will post our minutes on this page so you can see what has been discussed.

We had a very lively meeting to sort out the different roles and they have all got at least one link to a subject in school.

Those people will then make sure they stay in contact with the member of staff who organises that subject in school.

Billy Year 3   Minister for Music  
Isabel Year 3   Minister for P.E.  
Ryan Year 4   Minister for Maths  
Olivia Year 4   Minister for Art  
Jasmine Year 5   Minister for History  
Ella-Grace Year 5   Minister for Science  
Ethan Year 6 Prime Minister Minister for R.E.  
Alissia Year 6 Deputy Prime Minister Minister for Geography  
Megan Year 6   Minister for Computing Minister for PSHE
Zack Year 6   Minister for English