Mrs S Parkes  
  Headteacher / SENCO  
   Designated Safeguarding Lead  
           Mrs A Dennis - Year 6 Teacher                        Miss Z Jarvis - Year 4 Teacher
Mrs M McKay Mrs A Dennis Miss Z Jarvis Mrs D Wood
Deputy Headteacher / Maths Coordinator Literacy Coordinator Science and Anti-Bullying Coordinator Year 5 Teacher
Year 6 Teacher Year 6 Teacher Year 5 Teacher  
 Designated Safeguarding Lead      
Mr A Drake - PPA and Year 6 Teacher     Mr D Lynch - Year 3/4 Teacher                 Miss L Turner - Year 5 Teacher              
Mr A Drake Mr D Lynch Mrs J Turner Mrs L Stevens
ICT Coordinator PE Coordinator Music Coordinator  
Year 4 Teacher Year 3 Teacher Year 3 Teacher  
Mrs L Miles - Teaching Assistant - Midday Supervisor Mrs L Williams - Teaching Assistant
Miss C Ingle Mrs J Robinson Mrs L Miles Mrs L Williams
 Spanish Teacher PPA Teacher Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant
     Midday Supervisor  
Mrs K Proffitt - Teaching Assistant lllMrs M Hall - Teaching Assistant
Mrs K Wilkinson Mrs K Proffitt Mrs M Hall Mrs K Robinson
Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant
  Miss H Bentley - Teaching Assistant  
Miss V Wormall Miss R Moakes Miss H Bentley  
Learning Support Assistant Teaching Assistant  Higher Level Teaching Assistant   
Mrs N Smith Mrs K Westwood Mrs K Curry
Student Services Manager School Business Manager School Business Assistant
Designated Safeguarding Lead    




     Mr D Hutchinson - Site Manager Miss K Duffin - Midday Supervisor - Cleaner
Mr D Hutchinson Mrs D Jarvis Miss K Duffin
Site Manager Senior Midday Supervisor Midday Supervisor
  Cleaner Cleaner
  Breakfast Club Leader Breakfast Club Leader