Clothing – Uniform

Our uniform consists of:

Red fleece, cardigan or jumper,
White shirt/polo shirt
Grey or black trousers or skirt (leggings can only be worn under a skirt)
Red check summer dresses/ grey shorts
Suitable black school shoes.


Please remember all clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.
Every effort is made to return lost property. Items will be displayed to the children for identification at regular intervals.

If your child wears wellingtons or heavy boots to school or plays football on the field in their shoes – please ensure that they have a change of footwear for indoors and a plastic bag to put the wet or muddy boots or shoes in.
Encourage your child to regularly bring home all their PE clothing to wash and to generally look after their bags, kit and general items of clothing.

Clothing – Clothing For Physical Education

Clothing for PE should normally be kept in school in a bag labelled with the child’s name.
The Education Committee’s Safety in Physical Education Regulations (Circular 1/91) provide that encumbrances likely to impede a child or cause danger to others must not be worn during Physical Education and games.

For PE lessons, earring and watches must be removed.  Earrings must be covered with suitable plasters, provided by parents, for six weeks following initial piercing if they cannot be removed and a swimming cap which covers the ears, provided by parents, must be worn for school swimming lessons.


After the six week period, earrings will need to be removed by the child for PE lessons. 


Should a child need to wear jewellery for religious or medical reasons, parents must seek permission by way of letter to the Governing Body, via the Headteacher.

PE Kit

A plain white T-Shirt.
A pair of black shorts (not Bermuda or cycling shorts).
A pair of plimsolls or trainers

Swimming Kit

A towel.
Swimsuit or trunks.
A swimming cap.



A basic level of swimming achievement is expected by the age of eleven in the National Curriculum. Currently, children in year 4 swim at The Healthy Living Centre, Staveley on a Thursday afternoon and Year 6 children swim on a Tuesday afternoon.

Please note that children requiring inhalers, insulin or other urgent medication must take their medication labelled with name and dosage to the baths in case of need.


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