At Staveley Junior School, we believe that Art and Design should give children the knowledge and skills necessary to express responses to ideas and experiences in a visual or tactile form.


While it is essentially a practical subject, Art and Design should provide opportunities for reflection and children should be encouraged to make critical responses of their own work and that of others.


At Staveley Junior School, together with the aims of the National Curriculum, our teaching in Art and Design gives opportunities for children to:


  • Develop a love for all things creative using different media.
  • Progressively develop and use a range of skills involved in the visual elements of art and design (line, tone, colour, texture, pattern, shape and 3D form) through drawing, painting, printing, textiles and sculpture.
  • Become independent and self-critical learners.
  • Demonstrate a pride and enthusiasm in the creation and display of their own work.
  • Gain an understanding of and be inspired by the work of a range of inspirational artists and craftspeople.


Art progression Year 3 and 4 21.22.docx

Art progression Year 5 and 6 21.22.docx

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