Reading is one of the most important things that children will learn at school. Our aim is for all children to love reading and to want to read for themselves.

At Staveley, we encourage reading for pleasure.  We have a library and each week the children visit and take out books. 


Writing is a key priority at Staveley Junior School. As a school, our aim is to develop a love of writing, through purposeful, exciting and engaging stimuli. These allow children to learn key writing skills, develop their vocabulary and embed their spelling, punctuation and grammar. 

At Staveley, we push writing across the curriculum; in Topic books children write independently, applying their skills they have been taught through English. Children have the opportunity to write a wide genre of text types and are encouraged to plan, orally rehearse, write, reflect and improve their writing. To personalise learning, each child has their own Learning Focus.

A hugely important aspect of writing is spelling, punctuation and grammar. Children are taught how to spell through a set of discrete spelling lessons throughout the week. These are embedded during the English lesson through games, activities and shared writing.  Spellings will be included as part of the homework each week, to increase the profile of spelling at school.


Year 6 English progression grid.docx

Year 5 English progression grid overview.docx

Cycle A Year 3/4 English Map lower school.docx

Cycle B Year 3/4 English Map lower school.docx

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