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Staveley Junior school is a teaching for mastery school; we aim to ensure that children acquire a long-term, secure, adaptable understanding of mathematics. Our aim is to ensure pupils are secure in each element of mathematics before advancing onto the next.

In our school, we focus on promoting five key ideas:

  • Small, coherent steps throughout the lesson
  • Variation – a balance between conceptual and procedural understanding
  • Mathematical thinking
  • Fluency – application of efficient methods and flexibility with Maths
  • Representation and Structure – use of a range of ways both to represent a concept or non-concept, and to expose structures


The Essence of Teaching for Mastery

  • Whole class kept together
  • All children can succeed
  • Immediate intervention
  • Conceptual and procedural variation
  • Depth, not acceleration
  • 5 big ideas
  • Concrete-pictorial-abstract
  • Talk partners
  • Intelligent practice
  • Automatic recall of facts
  • Emphasis on the structure and connections within the maths


Lesson Design

Teachers strive to design lessons in which the pupils are carefully guided, step by step, through Mathematical fluency, reasoning opportunities and are given problems to solve. Lessons include rehearsal and automatic recall of facts. The lessons incorporate the 5 Big Ideas of teaching for Mastery. Particular attention is paid to developing conceptual understanding in tandem with procedural competency. Children are challenged to explain their reasoning, evaluate their own (and the work of others), model their ideas and invent their own questions.

What do lessons look like?

  • Small coherent steps in learning
  • Quick response questions to sharpen focus and to practice previous skills.
  • Discover tasks- encourage children to talk through a problems and suggest strategies for solving.
  • Think together- I do, we do, you do approach to working through questions.
  • Different methods are explored, modelled and discussed to depth. Children rehearse, reason and refine.

SEND Personalised Provision

  • Pupils with a high level of special needs receive individual bespoke provision, set out in a personalised provision map. Their needs have been thoroughly discussed and agreed with the SENDCo. In many cases, the children will be able to access part of the class learning. However, those children will have smaller steps of specific, targeted learning.


Power Maths – a tool to support


At Staveley Junior school we use Power Maths to support our teaching of Mastery. Power Maths works on the following structure: Discover Taskall pupils ‘have a go’. Share– teaching time, modelling, questioning, reasoning, solving the problem. The teacher carefully unpicks the problem with the children. Think Together – subtle variation through one question at a time approach. Independent Practice — children answer a range of questions. Teachers adapt Power Maths to suit the needs of pupils and also use a range of other Mastery resources such as the NCETM and White Rose.


NCETM Curriculum Prioritisation


Moving on from the pandemic we have chosen to recalibrate and prioritise our curriculum using the NCETM support materials. These have been matched carefully to Power Maths.


Y3 Maths Curriculum Prioritisation

Y4 Maths Curriculum Prioritisation

Y5 Maths Curriculum Prioritisation

 Power Maths LKS2 Calculation Policy.docxDownload
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