At Staveley, we are teaching to a Mastery Approach in maths.


Across school, we have whole-class learning, peer learning and Assessment for learning (Afl) to differentiate the tasks where appropriate. Our staff believe that every child is able to achieve and that it is important to enable every child to succeed. We are following the Mathematics Mastery Program, with staff supported in planning, paired teaching, resourcing and Continuing Professional Development.

Our maths lessons follow a structure based on the Mathematics Mastery Approach. Concrete apparatus is used by all children to support learning and make connections. Pictorial representations are used to support learning and understanding before children are moved on to Abstract thinking and learning.

Opportunities for Mastery and consolidation are planned for, with procedural variation where teachers scaffold calculations which build on skills learned in order to draw pupil’s attention to patterns, structure and mathematical relationships.

Teachers plan rich learning opportunities that deepen thinking and encourage understanding at greater depth. Children who need support to grasp concepts are supported in lessons through small focused groups or post-learning sessions or pre-teaching sessions.

Arithmetic sessions are also held in order to consolidate calculation methods. Weekly homework builds pupil engagement and consolidates maths knowledge.

Children are set tasks linked to their learning in class or to practise mental maths skills. Online maths learning is set using “Times Table Rockstars” and 'Doodle Maths'.

We are not afraid to dream too big. Nothing is impossible. When you believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.