We teach music at our school in a way that inspires our children to have a love of music and the desire to become musicians. This is achieved through regular singing practise of familiar, modern songs alongside more contemporary tracks linked to themes.



The program for music enables our children to listen to and appraise well known songs; play musical games to develop a deeper understanding of pulse, rhythm and pitch; explore duration, dynamics, tempo, timbre, texture, structure and musical notations; sing songs and melodies with greater musical understanding; learn to play classroom tuned instruments; improvise and make up own rhythmic patterns that lead to melodies; compose own tunes and melodies; record own compositions; practise, rehearse and perform in front of an audience.


At Staveley Primary School, we provide additional specialist teaching to all children.

In the Year 4 all children have the opportunity to learn how to play the trumpet. Children are then able to continue having trumpet lessons in Years 5 and 6.


Overall, our music curriculum intends to engage and inspire all of our children in order to increase self-confidence, creativity and sense of achievement.

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