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Help your child develop a love for reading by reading stories & magazines aloud with them at home! For tips and ideas on supporting your children see the following website or Facebook page.


As well as knowing all the sounds of the alphabet, the children need to know the following:

le as in bottle                                                                    qu as in queen

ch as in chair                                                                    sh as in ship

th as in the                                                                        th as in thumb

dge as in bridge                                                                wh as in wheel

ai as in wait                                                                       ee as in keep

igh as in night                                                                   oa as in goat

oo as in spoon                                                                  oo as in book

ar as in car                                                                        or as in fork

ur as in purse                                                                    ow as in brown

ow as in low                                                                      oi as in coin

ear as in fear                                                                     air as in hair

er as in summer                                                                ue as in glue                        

ue as in rescue                                                                 ure as in pure

ture as in picture                                                               ay as in tray                              

oy as in toy                                                                       ea as in eat

ea as in bread                                                                   ie as in pie                                        

ew as in news                                                                   ew as in blew

ou as in mouth                                                                  ir as in bird        

aw as in jaw                                                                      are as in scarecrow

ce as in dance                                                                  ed as in jumped          

ph as in phone                                                                  au as in autumn


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