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June 22nd


We're going for the 360Safe Award. Our brilliant children know loads about online safety and we are inviting someone to come in and look around.


June 22nd


The most common games played in school are Roblox and Minecraft.


Children who play these games online are sometimes exposed to people who they don't know. It is up to us to educate the children on how to handle these situations.


The best way is to restrict children to playing only with their own friends from Staveley.

Here is a good piece of online advice.



January 31st 2017


It is e-safety week next week.


We will be focusing in on staying safe on the internet.


January 19th 2017


We took some of our e-cadets to the Barney and Echo Roadshow at Bramall Lane.

We learned a lot about how to keep ourselves safe online.


October 26th 2016


I'd like to know what your worries about online safety are, both at school and at home.

Facebook used to be the big worry, but there seems to be a cool down on Facebook, and it is other areas of social media that children are moving to.

I don't have children myself, so I am unsure of what children are using, so I would like to know your views.

What are children using?

Which areas of their use worry you?

Which areas of their use don't worry you?

Do you have the know-how to keep track of what your children are doing, or are they so proficient that you are bamboozled by their abilities (I consider myself pretty good with computers - after all, I started using computers 40 years ago and I'm the school computer expert!! - and I learnt how to use the live feed on Facebook from one of my year 5s.)


You can post here, or if you want to post more privately, then message the school, or pop in and see me after the holiday.


Have a lovely holiday.







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